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Old Service Station by LiamPhotography

This is an old abandoned service station and mini mart located in Jasper County, GA. Part of my ‘Forgotten Pieces of Georgia’ series.

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Downtown Atlanta Long Exposure by JaniceMarieMcgregor

One evening my Boyfriend (Liam) and I were doing or teaching me some long exposure shots . We drove to Atlanta which was about an hour or so from where we live and started taking images of The sunsetting and Some long exposures. My first time. I hope you like this even tho I know it will get better over time. ((-:

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I know I have had some family matters here lately and they should be getting better in the next week or so. So please don’t give up on me and I will get caught up soon.. I promise!

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Weekend!! Sending Big Hugs to you all!

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Trondheim In Blue Hours! by Aziz_Nasuti

Please note that this is a long-exposure shot (158s). This shot has been taken around 11pm just half an hour after sunset in Trondheim. I could take only two pictures after two hours. I was standing in a floating dock and boats and kayaks just made my evening ;).The atmospher was excellent! So quiet so beautiful. Hope you like the result. Please feel free to browse my photos here or find me by: |Website| ,|Facebook page| , |Instagram| ,|Google+| .|Twitter| .Please feel free to browse my photos here or find me by: |Website| ,|Facebook page| , |Instagram| ,|Google+| .|Twitter| .

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Nidelva the Mirror of Trondheim by Aziz_Nasuti

Nidelva is the name of Trondheim’s river which passes through the city. Here you can see the beautiful wooden houses of the city which are located in both asides of the river. When it is calm really you can not distinguish between the real stuff and their reflection in the nidelva. Nidelven has its very own song, Nidelven Stille og Vakker du er (“Nidelven [how] Still and Beautiful you are”).
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Hilde Storm over Trondheim and Nidelva river! by Aziz_Nasuti

Revisiting a moment: Actually I took this photo on 16 Nov 2013. In that time there was a strong storm hitting Trondheim with strong wind. I decided to take a photo with my Tripod and using ND filter. This was the first time that I could see that the color of the river was converted completely brownish or let’s say muddy. You know what many people were looking at me very strangely because everybody were running to find a shelter but I was trying to make a long shot exposure shot. I hope You like the result. A tip: I like the picture after or before a strong rain or storm 😉 Please feel free to find me by: |Website| ,|Facebook page| , |Instagram| ,|Google+| .|Twitter| .

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Trondheim Nidelva and Brygga by Aziz_Nasuti

As someone who is living in Trondheim I have taken many pictures over Gamlebrybro (Old city bridge) towards the beautiful wooden houses of bakklandet and brygga but each time the sky and reflection on the water are so amazing. Whenever I buy a new photography instrument I stop by and take a photo to examine the quality. In this photo I have checked the Wonderpana ND System for my Samyang 14 mm.
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