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Big city life by MarcoGrassi

Every time I will look this picture I will remember the guard who ranted behind me to get me out of the building.

The only way to photograph this intersection is getting inside a private complex. This building consists of two towers, filled with apartments and a large police station on the ground floor which connects the two towers.
The funny thing is that since is private you can not enter. No wait, that’s not very fun!
Anyway I went to this place the day before the shooting to see how to get in, it took me few second to realize that with about 10 € I could bribe the watchman at the entrance.

Relaxed and with money in my pocket I went back the next day. The keeper was not there and I had bad luck to run into a guy who lived there. The genius rather than 10 asked me more than 50 € to go shoot from his appartment! When after fews minutes the guardian showed up the boy and him made kind of a deal. So no chance to go up for me.
5 minutes later I was at the twenty-third floor on the other building pretending to be a tenant.
30 minutes later, do not ask me how or why, the guardian of the first building had found me and was shouting because he wanted me to leave!

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Lisbon-Oriente Station by antoniogaudenciophoto

Lisbon-Oriente Station
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