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Merlion by warrenseah

Singaporeans, young and old, came out to celebrate the nation’s 50th year of independence over the weekend of 9th August 2015. This photo shows the Merlion at the mouth of the Singapore River, flanked by the excited crowd awaiting the fireworks show. In the background, there stands the Fullerton Hotel with the Singapore flag projected onto its facade, and the skyscrapers of the old financial district.

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Lobby Group by 1davidmcmahon

This is the lobby area of the Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore. The reflection of the decades-old curved beams is so symmetrical, but I knew I needed a person in the shot. So I waited as groups of two and three walked in and out, then shot this as I had only a single person walking towards the exit. What’s really interesting about including him is that he unbalances the composition, yet he brings an intriguing silhouette to the overall ambience.


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