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Dubai Fog V3.0 by RustamAzmi

Dubai Fog V3.0..
I am Reprocessing is for the third time….As i want to check how much I have improved over 1 year…..I will post All 3 version In few days….I am planning to Upload a Video of how i have processed this Image….
Please to let me know if you guys wanna see the Video Tutori

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Planescraper by dre07

Hello everyone ;))! Sadly i had to work a lot and there was a long “paused period”, but finally i am happy to be back! Captured this image last sunny sunday morning! It’s one of the highest buildings in munich/germany! I hab to hurry up, because the security didn’t like my shooting! Hope you’ll like it even more :))! Please press “H” to get a better view in black!

Wish you all a pleasant week!

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Sometimes it looks like everything is going smooth. Yet it is really the same as it was before. 0 Kelvin. There is no change, there is just a repeating frame of a frozen wave. Sometimes we need turbulence, we need a bit of heat, a real flow.

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