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Julia Tuttle Causeway by carldelt

One hundred years ago there were only mangrove trees in this area. This causeway, connecting Miami to Miami Beach over Biscayne Bay, is a tribute to Julia Tuttle, the “Mother of Miami”, the only woman who has founded a major city in the United States. (Shot on handheld camera, on a kayak)

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Pinellas Bayway Bridge at Night by Greg_Urbano

The Pinellas Bayway Bridge is fairly new and I have been wanting to get out to photograph it for a while. The issue has always been finding a place to park to gain access to the underpass portions.
Well after some research and driving around I managed to find some and even though there was a long trek over the top I think it was worth it.
This is the first of two shots I got, this one is more of the warm up for the second which is the one I was actually yearning for.
Both are long exposures, sans the 10 stop though, no need for it.
Enjoy and stay tuned for the next image!

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The Coral Gables City Hall by RAF_PHOTOGRAPHY

The Coral Gables City Hall is a historic site in Coral Gables, Florida. It is located at 405 Biltmore Way. On July 24, 1974, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

The city hall was built in the Mediterranean Revival architectural style. It was completed in 1928. Phineas Paist and Harold Steward were the architects; Denman Fink was the artistic advisor. It is three stories tall, built of local limestone, has a stuccoed exterior, tile roof, central 3-stage clock tower, and a Corinthian colonnade. It was major element in the plan of George E. Merrick, founder of Coral Gables, to create a Spanish-Mediterranean city.

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In The Middle of it All 214/365 by Kpryor23

Now back to my 365 I was on top of this ten story building to capture this pan of inner city downtown. Now, I wish they were more light trails but since it’s Sunday night everybody must be home?

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