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Tribute by tobyharriman


Last year I was lucky enough to be in NYC working for 2 weeks during the Tribute Lights. Had an awesome time making new friends and roaming around the city. This may be one of my favorites. ‪

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Manhattan Skyline: New York City by kptripathi

I stole a moment from this amazing evening… Sneaked out of work at evening during my business trip to New York City. Went to top of Empire State Building to capture this…
I had to keep my camera on the wall at 86th floor observatory (You can not carry your tripod with you there). I took 10+ shots of this scene, only one shot was clear without any blur as gusty winds were shaking everything. You have to be lucky to get the long exposure without any shake, overexposure or underexposure, within 15 min of dusk time when ambient light is same as city lights..

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