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Fire Over Manhattan by elenaparaskeva

Gus, the colors are absolutely 100% real! I actually had to turn down the saturation quite a bit after applying my contrast because it was sooo red.. I was at the pier expecting a typical sunset when suddenly the sky turned a brilliant blood red..you could hear all the photographers there gasping and rushing to get their gear out!

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Dancing with fire… by CharlieJoe

Burj Khalifa, Dubai silhouetted during fiery sunset.
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Double jeopardy by Bavarian_DNA

It took awhile to process this shot and im glad that i sat on it and took my time to figure it out.

This shot was taken two days before taking off heading back home.

double exposure shots made this image in addition to a blurring technique used for the water surface including the reflection addition 🙂

Hope you like it guys and have a great coming weekend too

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