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Dodona by vasiliosgavrilis

Dodona in Epirus in northwestern Greece was an oracle devoted to a Mother Goddess identified at other sites with Rhea or Gaia, but here called Dione, who was joined and partly supplanted in historical times by the Greek deity Zeus. The shrine of Dodona was regarded as the oldest Hellenic oracle, possibly dating to the second millennium BCE according to Herodotus. Situated in a remote region away from the main Greek poleis, it was considered second only to the oracle of Delphi in prestige.

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The City Hall is burning! City Hall is burning! by tmrother

Several thousands of people were witness to burning of the symbol of Toronto, the City Hall. This actually happened every day during the PANAM Games as fireworks erupted after the last musical performance of the day.
This photo was captured just after the last salvo and even I have taken about 20 pretty displays, I decided to show this one, as it kind of signifies the end of successful PANAM games.
It ended with a BANG, as ageless Sérgio Mendes on keyboard (born 1941) brought his group of excellent musicians from Brasil to Canada for the last show. (vocalists Gracinha Leporace, Katie Hampton and Ayana Williams)
He received such a welcome, that he decided (only half joking) to take up a residence in our city.

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Girona Cathedral Cloisters (Catalonia) by marcgc

I captured this photo in the cloister of Girona’s Cathedral during the “Temps de Flors” Festival (Flower Time). During the festival, many well-known places around the city are decorated with tons of flowers, offering a great visual spectacle for locals and tourists alike. Perhaps capturing it at night was not the best way to convey the beauty of the place, but even at that moment, when I saw the mix of flowers with the Romanesque architecture, I had to set my tripod and take this photograph.

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