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Kazan Puppet Theatre Ekiyat by DariaKlepikova

One of Russia’s largest puppet theaters, met the first audience in the new building on March 1, 2012. Ekiyat means Fairy Tale, a huge fancy castle in which Gothic, Baroque and Classic architecture are mixed. The facade is decorated with sculptures of clocks and fairytale characters. The Area – 22.5 thousand square meters. It is impressive inside as much as outside. Spacious rooms with columns, magnificent chandeliers, soft benches for relaxation, like thrones. It housed a large and small halls for 250 and 100 people, as well as cafes, play areas, shopping arcade. Stage equipped with modern sound and light equipment. This is one of the largest Russian Puppet Theatre. The construction cost about $500 million.

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Blue Hour in Seattle by SrikarKanchana

Please view in Black! Press M !

What a perfect Night ! I have prayed for a cloudless, no fog time. Presto ! the awesome blue hour was right there. Now I know for sure why Kerry Park is so famous. A small park with one great fabulous view.

Little disappointed when I didn’t see the blood moon over the skyline, jeez i am at the wrong place and the lunar eclipse happened little closer to the horizon rather high in the sky. I hate to say this but have seen the internet flooded with blood moon cut copy pasted above the Space Needle.

Augmented Reality 😛

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Big Wheel Turnin’ by vsquared_photo

First time photographing a ferris wheel with a DSLR camera. Actually saw the local carnival earlier in the week while running errands. Scoped out the scene and made my way back to the park after work. Oh, I made sure it was still in town!:-} Had a blast shooting this wheel against the beautiful summer sunset sky. Thank you for stopping by enjoy!

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