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View of Big Ben clock tower at sunset by frdricprochasson

View of Big Ben clock tower in London at sunset, UK.

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Rainy Day at Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, Wales by JoeDanielPrice

Rainy Day at Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, Wales

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Having A Good Laugh by LindaEdgecombPhotography

My friend Wilco Westerduin’s challenge .his title..see this funny face, the eyes , nose and mouth in this Romanesque architecture .LOL .I hope it makes you smile.^_^ It is the Empire State Builidng spire in the upper right corner …thanks dear Wilco.and you all dearly my friends on here px.:-))

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USS Sulaco by Turnipfarmer

Waterloo Underground Station, London, England – http://ift.tt/V5qrF7

An old photo this one but one to add to my ‘Conception Fabrication’ architectural series. I quite like the interesting shapes and the face at the end of the tunnel of this fabrication that I have done. Its such aa good way to edit a photo that you would not have edited via conventional means, I have probably got enough now to put into a gallery which I will do in due course.

You may have noticed that I have decided to tidy up and streamline my description on my flickr uploads as I feel sometimes the story of my photo can be lost within all the other information I have provided, do you agree or did you prefer the old way?

Fear not, don’t worry my little story behind each photo will remain as I know a lot of you like this part of my photos and of course I enjoy this part the most!

Let me know what you think and if you want me to go back to the old way.

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