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Haydarpaşa Railhead by SerdarSuyun

Istanbul Haydarpaşa Terminal or Haydarpaşa Terminus (Turkish: Haydarpaşa Garı) is a railway terminal in Istanbul. Until 2012 the station was a major intercity, regional and commuter rail hub as well as the busiest railway station in Turkey. Haydarpaşa, along with Sirkeci Terminal (on the other side of the Bosphorus), are Istanbul’s two intercity and commuter railway terminals. As of 19 June 2013 all train service to the station has been indefinitely suspended due to the rehabilitation of the existing line for the new Marmaray commuter rail line. The station building however still houses the headquarters for District 1 of the State Railways.

The station building, built in 1909 by the Anatolian Railway (CFOA) as the western terminus of the Baghdad and Hedjaz railways, has become a symbol of Istanbul and Turkey and is famous throughout the Middle East.[1]

Haydarpaşa is situated on an embankment over the Bosphorus just south of the Port of Haydarpaşa and is slightly north from central Kadıköy. Until the suspension of rail service, ferry service was available to Eminönü, Karaköy and Kadıköy from the station’s ferry dock.

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City reflection in sunset by sirdanhvt

One more photo at Milsion point in sunset ! Sun starts to set and the sky was filled fully up with blue and magenta. By the time, the city from the skyline was lit up by so many colorful lights shining from skyscrapers, houses and streets lights. It seems to open up new life in a rainy day …

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Rheinauhafen by LuisPina

I realy loved the architecture of this building on the Rheinauhafen (Rheinau Harbor). This area was an old Harbor that was renewed between 2002 and 2011. It has really amazing architecture, mixing new and modern buildings with the old and historic buildings.

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