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Waterloo, is this the end of human intelligence? by tmrother

Waterloo – Please read on!
Sometimes I upload a photo to express and display my beefs, displeasure or just a surprise.
I am talking about ADULT COLOURING BOOKS. There was an article today in ‘Toronto Star’ celebrating an artist, who published a book of sketches for grown-ups to colour! I think this must be a new low, to sink to a level of 3-4 year old. The kicker is that the sketches are of Toronto Public Libraries, just to expose the paradox. The article praises this new trend of human behavior. Do not ask me why. I think it is moronic. Who started it? Why is it catching on? Why is media promoting it? Am I the only one who thinks, that There Is Something Wrong With It?

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The Hops Exchange, Southwark, London by tmrother

Beer was and is an important part of English life. This is clear, when you see this impressive curved Hops Exchange building in Southwark. It is elegant from outside and inside. Designed by R.H. Moore (not Royal Highness) in 1867, it served the brewing industry. It’s glass roof provide natural light on the tiled trading floor. There were also similar grand buildings in London for Coal, Metal and Stock Exchanges, but WWII bombings, fires and ignorance left only the Hops Exchange and Leather Exchange still standing today. Paradoxically the Hops Exchange never really took of and by 1903 major tenant was J. Lyons -a wine company, which moved out in 1972. Today the offices are rented out to various boring businesses such as real estate and recruiting with the exception of Katzenjammers – a German style Bierkeller.

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