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Guarding the City by miketlim

The fortifications surrounding Kotor have been in place since the 14th century and are now on the list of World Heritage Sites. Its architecture was influenced by Illyricum, Byzantium, Venice and Austria.

The Church of Our Lady of Remedy, shown in the photo, sits 100m above the city of Kotor and can be accessed by ascending the numerous steps that scale the walls.

Below, you can see the red roofs of the “old town” which are a result of Kotor’s time under Ventian rule. Our cruise ship also stands a short distance behind the city. It was amazing how close the docks of the city were to the old town.

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The Village by AlexGaflig

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Another cool Trip with Cludes Tomato
After we saw a lot of pics of Hallstatt, we decided to visit Hallstatt on our own. It’s a lovely idyllic place, smaller then we expected and it looks a bit “fjord” like, so it’s really beautiful. We haven’t had the best weather, mostly rain, but this caused some cool fog at the mountains the whole day =)
This picutre could’ve been a looot better in my oppinion but there was an ugly crane on the left side and it ruined the whole scenary 🙁

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St. Peter’s Basilica Sunset by miketlim

This was one of the few nights I was able to shoot a sunset on my Europe trip. The lights had just come on St. Peter’s Basilica with the St. Angelo Bridge in the foreground when I shot this photo.

I was worried as the sky was pretty much clear and cloudless for most of the day. Luckily, a few low-lying clouds decided to make an appearance at the right time.

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