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Big Ben by MarkSpokes


The Palace of Westminster (AKA The Houses of Parliament) over look a tranquil River Thames. The Houses of Parliament is most famous for the Clock Tower on the Northern flank, known world-wide as Big Ben. Big Ben however, is actually the name of the Bell held within the Clock Tower, whilst the tower itself is known as the Elizabeth Tower, as of September 2012. The Original Palace was destroyed in 1834 by a fire, and was subsequently rebuilt over the course of 30 years, finally being completed in 1870. The Elizabeth Tower was completed 12 years earlier however, in 1858, and remains to this day as the worlds Tallest four-faced chiming clock.

135 Second daytime Exposure.

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The Guardian by GiuseppeTorre

A legendary place, the company of so many photographers around me and a sunset ever seen before .. everything deserved the immersion of a wide stitch; 5 vertical shots .

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