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Fountain, Flags and the Palace by mirosu

View to Slovakia’s White House, Presidential Place (Grassalkovich Palace) which located in the center of the city, between Bratislava’s Old Town and main Railway Station.
The original palace construction was finished in 1760. It was owned by Hungarian aristocrat Count Antal Grassalkovich, a close friend of Maria Teresa, the ruler of the Habsburg Monarchy.
Between 1760 and 1919 the palace used to serve as a venue for aristocratic society events and concerts. Josepf Haydn, a popular Austrian composer, held some of his concerts in here, for example.
From 1919 the palace was occupied by the Territorial Military Command.
During the 1939–1945 WW II period, the palace became the seat of the president of the First Slovak Republic.
In 1950, the building was turned into the House of Pioneers and Youth” which was an activity center for Bratislava’s schoolchildren, all of whom were so-called pioneers at that time.
After its reconstruction in the early 1990s, on 30 September 1996 the palace became the residence of Slovakia’s president, Michal Kovac and his successors.
Its once-large French gardens behind the palace became now a public park.
The big fountain in foreground is in the shape of Earth and symbolizes the freedom.
Five Slovak National flags in the foreground and the Standard of the President on the top of the building.

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The Last Day – Paris by rock8tar

I shot this photo from the Montparnasse Tower in Paris. There was a short raining shower prior to the sunset. The whole city was sparkling because the sun illuminated the whole city. The reflections looked awesome. You can even see some raindrops in the sky.

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