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Above the sprawl by MichaelBandy

Weekend before last a couple buddies and I set off to shoot some photos in Downtown Los Angeles. I really wanted something unique (for me anyway) and hit up a friend for some info on where we could snag a good rooftop view. We ended up here with his directions.

Now we had to kind of sneak in and we were totally trespassing. I do not condone this behavior at all, but it was my decision. We got to the top after a grueling hike up 30 flights of stairs. Once we got to the top and caught our breath, we set-up our gear and started shooting.

Just as the lights in the city started to come on (which is what we were waiting for), building security showed up and told us to pack up and follow them. They were kind and professional and actually pretty cool. But they stressed that we were trespassing and that it is something we could be arrested for. They took down our info and kicked us out. Luckily they did not make us hike down the stairs to get out.

Like I said.. I don’t condone what we did. But…. I kinda like this shot I was able to snag before we got the boot. I was lucky to get outta there with our photos as they demand you delete your memory cards before they let you leave. We were lucky to swap out our cards while packing away our gear.

Anyway. I hope you all like the shot.

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Bold Elegance by Kapuschinsky

Originally edited this in color (see here http://bit.ly/1HuS6Sm…) but was really curious as to how it looked monochrome. Turns out Gehry took PretTY fine, either way!:)

Prints for this are available on my website here.

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