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Millennium Bridge Leading to St. Paul’s Cathedral by roliketto

This is the second shot of the same spot I posted earlier, from my recent trip in London.

If you want to check out previous version, check out this link –


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Millennium bridge leading to St. Paul’s Cathedral by roliketto

This is the shot from my resent trip in London with one of my dear student Padma Inguva from whom I learned a lot.

Millennium bridge leading towards St. Paul’s cathedral.

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Crimson Sky by BenoSaradzic

This is probably my favourite shot from my last trip in NYC. I had to wait until the very last day of my brief visit to be rewarded with this amazing red sky over Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. The whole spectacle lasted just a few minutes before returning to murky grey tones.
Isn’t that how all wonderful moments in life come and go?

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Classic Paris V by deb_sankar

As I already confessed my obsession about this place … here is a shot once again.. That evening was quite dramatic actually … how could I miss a single shot that kept me waited for so long. Please let me know … how much did you like the ‘Classic Paris ‘

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