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Towering Perspective by m4photo

This is another classic view of the Eiffel Tower reaching up into the heavens. This was a trying shot owing to the thousands of people milling around the bottom of the tower and the tens of toy lights being waved and flying up into the air, and also people walking in front of and standing in front of the camera.

That said, I think that i nailed this one for the Paris portfolio.

This is another of my Eiffel Tower images that cannot be purchased without a license for the illuminated tower. If you are interested in licensing this image please contact me and I’ll explain more.

All Rights Reserved. Thank you for all of your views, faves and comments. It is your feedback (faves and comments) that makes is all worthwhile.

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Dreamy Marina… by CharlieJoe

Sometimes it is good to lose focus and dream on 😉
Better on Black. Dubai Marina at night, shot from Palm Jumeirah.

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Bory stairs by GalPeter

An interesting stairway in an interesting place.


Bory “Castle” was built primarily by one man over a period of 40 years. When you see the scope and workmanship of this castle, it becomes all the more amazing that one man, with just a little help from others, built it.
It is a little tough to find as it is smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood. There are a few signs for it, but we still have to drive around the streets looking for it every time we come. Inside the castle are paintings and other artwork done by the builder and his wife.


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