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Financial crisis by marcusschubert

I recreate a shot of the Frankfurter Skyline that I took at summer. The goal was to create a darker mood and add rain and a lightning via photoshop. I think I managed quite well,what do you think? Is it too much?

Original Version : http://ift.tt/1MPtnxy

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Sunset in Hamburg by Atha_Pana

In order to capture all those shades in the sky and at the same time to have a balanced result concerning the highlights and mids, I made this photo by combining four differently exposed photos manually in photoshop.

The biggest benefit compared to the digital blending method is the fast work out without any touch of brushes (painting on masks)… I really like my new work out procedure… for this photo it took me 10 minutes…

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old Hamburg by silketuexen

The view from the Poggenmühlen bridge looking onto the moated castle by night is magnificent and simply unique!
I love the Speicherstadt (the warehouse district of Hamburg) with its old warehouse buildings, especially when it is illuminated at night. This historical part of Hamburg was nominated as part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage on 5th July 2015.

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