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The Daymark Kingswear Devon UK by SCDevonPhotography

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Times Square New York City by edichenphoto

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Torre Montparnass Paris by JorgeMurias

A torre Monte Parnaso (em francês: tour Montparnasse) é um arranha-céus de 210 metros (689 pés) edificado na cidade Paris, no bairro de Monte Parnaso. Construído de 1960 a 1972, foi o prédio mais alto da França até 2011, ano em que foi ultrapassado pelos 231 m da Tour First situada em La Défense. Em Junho de 2013 era o 14º edifício mais alto da União Europeia. Foi escalado pelo alpinista urbano Alain Robert em 1995.

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Basilique de Fourvière by marcperrella

The Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière in Lyon, France. It’s kind of like the unknown sister church of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris It sits way up on this hill so you can pretty much see it from anywhere in the city. And the nice thing is that is takes a pretty good hike to get to (well, you could also take a tram) so it isn’t mobbed with tourists. I stayed in here for almost 2 hours taking photos….even with my tripod. At one point, the priest and I even struck up a conversation. Well, maybe it wasn’t actually a conversation. I just nodded my head and smiled…..like I understood what he was saying.

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