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The Pinnacle by 1davidmcmahon

The towering glass cone at Wheelock Place brings a special challenge for photographers seeking to align adjacent buildings neatly within the segments of the conical structure’s base.


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Mirror, Mirror …. by 1davidmcmahon

The Singapore ArtScience Museum is reflected – albeit inverted by 180 degrees – in the Sky Mirror by Turner Award-winning artist Anish Kapoor. After a wait of several weeks for an unblemished blue sky, I finally got the weather I wanted for this shot in August. The Sky Mirror was installed at Marina Bay in 2014.


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Touchy-Feely by 1davidmcmahon

It might look as if they’re close to touching, but the vertical perspective is deliberately misleading. The Michael Hotel on the left is actually several floors higher than the protective transparent ‘ceiling’ on the right that protects visitors to Sentosa from the sun and the rain.


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Empire State Summit by 1davidmcmahon

The sun was in the perfect position for this shot on a cloudless NYC summer morning. The symmetry comprising the flag, broadcast antennas and sun caught my eye immediately.


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Gold Rush Homage by 1davidmcmahon

This striking mural of a Gold Rush-era prospector in his canvas tent caught my attention, on the side of a building in Whitehorse, capital city of Canada’s Yukon Territory. See the shadow of the “No Parking” sign? It’s not actually a part of the mural – it is a real shadow in the strong afternoon sun. And do you notice how the artist has deftly incorporated the many irregular surfaces on the building’s façade into the integrity of the work? However, I could not find a plaque with the artist’s name, nor a signature on the mural. Perhaps someone knows who the artist is and can let me know …..


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National Treasure by 1davidmcmahon

Built in the 19th century as the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ), this Singapore complex was declared a national monument in 1990 and is now a high-profile multi-purpose centre in the city’s Downtown Core. Can you spot the historic spiral staircase? And did you notice the immaculate 2:1 ratio, with five arches in the ground-floor corridor supporting 10 long windows above, each bearing the same tapered design?


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