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NYC ,Pier A harbor house by annab

View of buildings in Lower Manhattan,New York City,USA,captured from the ferry to Staten Island.
The Pier A Harbor House,also named Liberty Gateway,in the foreground,is a restaurant since November 2014.

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Fragile Balance | minimal by solonasmp

After a long time i finally make a new architecture image!
This is a handheld shot that i took during my trip to Dubai
(obviously i have a lot of images from there, waiting to been processed!!)
I choose to work in this minimal image because i want to recall
all the complex techniques in Adobe Photoshop that i know and to refine mine as well.
I also publish the whole process as “work in progress” [WIP] on Behance,check it out!


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Manhattan between light and darkness by annab

view of southwest Manhattan from the ferry to Staten Island.
on the left,the 3 towers of World Financial Center,the tallest capped with a pyramid is the American Express Tower.
in the center of the picture,the bottom of 1 World Trade Center.

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