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City reflection in sunset by sirdanhvt

One more photo at Milsion point in sunset ! Sun starts to set and the sky was filled fully up with blue and magenta. By the time, the city from the skyline was lit up by so many colorful lights shining from skyscrapers, houses and streets lights. It seems to open up new life in a rainy day …

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Habour Bridge in sunset by sirdanhvt

It’s also one of a series of my photos taken in Milson point a few days ago…It was in sunset and heavy wind blowing cloud and blur out the sky…Fortunately, there were not much ferries and boats travelling back and forth in in front of my camera, so it did not take me lots of shoots to filter what I liked best…Again, this is one of my favorite shots and enjoy most…Love it !

Don’t forget to darken the background as watching it (press H) !

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Opera House and Habour Bridge in sunset by sirdanhvt

Another shot of Opera house and Habor bridge in sunset ! I tried to move around to capture the moment when waves bounce to rocks while having the two iconic symbols at the sky line…Once again recommend you guys to visit the place in person and experience such fantastic moment !

Don’t forget to press H to look the pic in darken background !

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