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Fire Over Manhattan by elenaparaskeva

Gus, the colors are absolutely 100% real! I actually had to turn down the saturation quite a bit after applying my contrast because it was sooo red.. I was at the pier expecting a typical sunset when suddenly the sky turned a brilliant blood red..you could hear all the photographers there gasping and rushing to get their gear out!

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Prophet Elias chapel by andreaspy

The chapel of Prophet Elias is built on a steep cliff that dominates the area of Protaras. It was built in 1984 to replace an existing small church in Byzantine style. To reach the chapel one has to climb a steep stone staircase with 153 steps. A park has been created near the hill – where visitors can rest . It attracts both locals and tourists. In the evenings the hill to the church is floodlit and creates an exquisite sight . Every year on July 20 it is celebrated with a feast with the influx of thousands of faithful .

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