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Hotel Vela (Sail Hotel) by PeterjanJansen

W Barcelona, popularly known as the Hotel Vela (Sail Hotel) due to its shape, is a building designed by Ricardo Bofill is located in the Barceloneta district of Barcelona, in the expansion of the Port of Barcelona.

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Accelerate by ottoberkeley

This image was captured at Bank Underground Station, which always struck me as ideal for the concept of a blurred train on the underground. Aside from its clean, metallic finish, it’s one of only a few stations in London with curved platforms, which I felt made it perfect for emphasising a sense of perspective as a train came along the tunnel.

The postprocessing workflow for this image was split into two stages: I captured five bracketed exposures early in the morning while the station was empty, and used luminosity masks to achieve a balanced finish for the bright lights and the gritty texture along the platform. I then used separate four-second exposures for the first westbound Central Line train of the morning — one as it pulled into the platform, and another as it departed — and blended these together to produce the final image.

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The Blue Pillars by PeterjanJansen

The Muzentoren is an office building located on the Muzenplein. The structure is, including the masts, 78 meters high and has a total of 17 floors. In the building, diagonal lines are arranged by means of protruding stones. In one place on the tower they made a mistake by a misplaced stone. This could not be corrected and the misplaced stone can still be seen today. See also the picture, the stone is located direct under the second window from the right on the third floor with a curved facade

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