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Walt Disney Concert Hall by RamelliSerge

This is a 15 panorama shot. Each shot has about 120 second of exposure. We had some great clouds in Los Angeles last sunday and I have been wanting to try this technic for quite some time now

Shooting panorama was the only way to get the entire building without the traffic in front. It took me over an hour to get this photo right but I like the result.

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Blue Note by bjoensson

This week they finally remove the last crane from the Elbphilharmonie. After eight years of construction work. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean, the philharmonic hall will open soon. Not until January 2017 there will be the first concert. To celebrate the detachment of the last crane, I present this photo, which was already made in 2012 during the „Blue Port“, where parts of the harbor are illuminated with blue lights. The next shot of this beautiful building I will present you in January 2017. Then to celebrate hopefully the first concert there :-). Have a great weekend!

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