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The Trumpeters by LindaEdgecombPhotography

The angel trumpeters on the Classical Corinthian Order Colonnade at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas…Each angel is made of marble…and each column is decorated with acanthus leaves…Please check out my friend Glenn Dipaola’s beautiful edition of this same place….:))) I want to thank all of you , my dear friends for your endless kindness always!! ^_^

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Ghost train at Rådhuset by s1000

Comparing cameras can be hard, they all do pretty much the same, but if I was to point out one thing my Olympus EM1 does way better than anything I’ve tested before, it’s stabilization!

This was shot entirely handheld with a 1,6s exposure – might sound a bit nerdy, but in short, that’s amazingly cool 🙂 – it has no shake at all – even the sign “Rådhuset” (behind the train) stands out in crisp letters on my big screen.

Way more Stockholm and other adventures on Instagram // @s1000

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The Exit by KhaledNoaman

The Madrassa of Al-Nasir Muhammad is a madrassa and mausoleum located in the Bayn al-Qasrayn region of Cairo, Egypt. It was built in the name of the Mamluk sultan Al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qalawun, but its construction began in 1296 under the reign of Sultan Al-Adil Kitbugha, who was sultan in between Al-Nasir Muhammad’s first and seconds reigns. When Al-Nasir Muhammad returned to the throne in 1299 he oversaw its construction until its completion in 1303.[1] The Islamic historian Al-Nuwayri records that Al-Adil Kitbugha built the mausoleum along with the prayer iwan, and Al-Nasir Muhammad completed the construction of the building and added the minaret.[2] Also, the Islamic historian Al-Maqrizi reports that Al-Adil Kitbugha oversaw construction of the building up to the top of the inscription band, and Al-Nasir Muhammad carried out the rest of its construction.

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