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Big Ben after sunset at Westminster in London by TwilightView

There is a new SUN in the city after the SUNSET, shining at the bank of river Thames.

London is truly magical just after the sunset at the twilight hour. Its timeless architecture stands out with magical appearance in the city of London. Big Ben is one of the iconic landmark in British cityscapes.

The vivid bluish tones of the sky at the twilight and the reflection on the river Thames is an astonishing phenomenon that can be witnessed only at the twilight hour just after the sunset which is most often called the magical hour.

The Big Ben stands out in the scene with bright clock face.

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Framing Ben by DanMontalbano

What can I say I’m on a London kick. I love this city and plan to capture more of it in the months to come. Now sit back and have a cuppa tea – enjoy!

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Iconic London by DanMontalbano

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament as the sun set yesterday evening. I’ve done a lot of travel photography in the last few years but have spent very little time capturing the amazing city I live in. Yesterday evening was a first step in remedying that.

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Big Ben and House of Parliament by ventdusud

Big Ben and Westminster Bridge at dusk, London, UK

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