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Paris Romance by guner_gulyesil

Alexander III Bridge, Paris.

I took this shot last month in Paris when went there for my wedding. Paris is a very romantic city and there are lots of great bridges. This one was my favorite since I saw it in the web before I go there.

I went the place two hours before the sunset on the shooting day to find a nice spot. After taking a few test shots, I waited for the right time. I start to take series of exposures just after the bridge lamps lit. A few minutes later, I took I want when the blue hour started.

Post-process was not easy. I blended more than 10 exposures by using luminosity masks and luminosity selections for dynamic range, for some light effects and for focus stacking.

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OTHER SIDE by nenadspasojevic

In my latest visit to NY I wanted to shoot the skyline from a different perspective. The plan was to hit as many rooftops as possible, listen to some great music, have drinks, sneak in the equipment and get some great shots while partying. That is exactly what we did. I ended up with great stories to tell and this 64MPX pano. This is the final result from one of those nights. What do you think?

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Arts Center at Texas Southmost College by Joe_V

The Arts Center at TSC is the premier venue for performing arts in the Rio Grande Valley. With intimate seating and superb acoustics, performances at The Arts Center surround the audiences with sights and sounds found nowhere else south of San Antonio. And the center is affiliated with the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, the International Association of Assembly Managers and Chamber Music America. “http://ift.tt/1Mv1ziU”

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Amsterdam. by remoscarfo

Damrak – The Red Carpet Into Amsterdam.

Damrak is the main street that leads from
Central Station to Dam square — the center of Amsterdam.

From its ‘Sex Museum’ and nearby ‘Medieval Torture Museum’ (two utterly forgettable tourist traps) to the prestigious Bijenkorf warehouse and both the historic and modern stock exchanges, and from its tour boats to the interesting architecture along the way, Damrak looks like a preview of what Amsterdam has to offer.

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