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Future Perfect by tchebotarev

The skyline of Shanghai is simply incredible. It’s just being on the set of Blade Runner, but even edgier. There are some great bars in The Bund that you can see skyline from, and while sipping a cocktail, the lights from the towers across the river are truly mesmerizing…

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Grey Glass by tchebotarev

While in Shanghai I visited an iconic circular Apple Store. It’s very similar in aesthetic to the New York city store on 5th Avenue, only instead of a cube the entrance is made as a cylinder. It’s very epic when looking from below.

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Shanghai Memories by tchebotarev

Had experienced dreaded heat with humidity in Hong Kong, slightly better weather, but still heat-wave along with rain in Shanghai and finally clear blue skies and perfect temperature in Beijing during my trip. Here’s one from a rainy evening in Shanghai.

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