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Living the future into the present by MarcoGrassi

2015 has left Shanghai a long time ago. As soon as you arrive in Pudong district, it looks like you are in another era. Such high buildings make you feel ridiculously small, even the clouds stare at them unable to reach their tops!

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The City Of Brisbane. Queensland, Australia. by ralphied

The City of Brisbane is the local government area that has jurisdiction over the inner portion of the metropolitan area of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia. Unlike LGAs in the other mainland state capitals (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide), which are generally responsible only for the central business districts and inner neighbourhoods of those cities, the City of Brisbane administers a significant portion of the Brisbane metropolitan area, serving almost half of the population of the Brisbane Greater Capital City Statistical Area (GCCSA, formerly statistical division). As such, it has a larger population than any other local government area in Australia. The City of Brisbane was the first Australian LGA to reach a population of more than one million. Its population is roughly equivalent to the populations of Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory combined. The Council administers a budget of over A$3 billion.

The Government of Queensland created the City of Brisbane with a view to uniting the then Brisbane metropolitan area under a single planning and governance structure. The City of Brisbane Act 1924 received assent from the Governor on 30 October 1924. On 1 October 1925, 20 local government areas of various sizes were abolished and merged into the new city,

The City derives from cities, towns and shires that merged in 1925. The main offices and Central Library of the Council are at 266 George Street, also known as Brisbane Square. Brisbane City Hall houses the Council Chamber, the offices of the Lord Mayor and Deputy Mayor, meeting and reception rooms and the Museum of Brisbane.

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In Old building by KenjirohTukiyama

Stately pre-war building was built in 1913.
It has been designated a tangible cultural property in the precious present.

In sponsorship of each floor of this building,
I became friends In Facebook,,,
Exhibition of Ms.Tomoka Sakurai had been opened.
I visited the venue yesterday.

Sparkling Piece as jewelry…
If it is decorated in an unexpected place….
It was a wonderful exhibition.

The setting sun is nice insert in the doorway of the floor.

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