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Julia Tuttle Causeway by carldelt

One hundred years ago there were only mangrove trees in this area. This causeway, connecting Miami to Miami Beach over Biscayne Bay, is a tribute to Julia Tuttle, the “Mother of Miami”, the only woman who has founded a major city in the United States. (Shot on handheld camera, on a kayak)

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Night Panama City Skyline from the Amador Causeway by ebjofrie

Blue hour Panama City Skyline from the Amador Causeway.

The causeway is made from rock extracted during the excavations from the Panama Canal. It was designed as a huge breakwater to protect the entrance to the Canal and prevent sedimentation in the Pacific side.

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storm clouds by frank_delargy

The fisherman next to me told me that fishing was supposed to be better in the rain. Hmm.. maybe not the rain that he we were about to experience. This view, looking east from the Courtney-Campbell Causeway normally includes a view of Tampa. That view has been replaced by the wall of rain coming our way.
I took a few images before I got one that had the lightning.

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