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Santa Maria del Mar (Barcelona, Catalonia) by marcgc

I took this image inside the Santa Maria del Mar, an imposing church in the Ribera district of Barcelona. I hadn’t planned to visit, but when I found myself very near the church with my camera, I decided to go inside and photograph it. It is an impressive building; you cannot realize how huge it is until you are inside.

Built between 1329 and 1383, at the height of Catalonia’s maritime and mercantile preeminence, it’s an outstanding example of Catalan Gothic. The architects in charge were Berenguer de Montagut and Ramon Despuig.

The church is also known due to the historical novel “The Cathedral of the Sea,” written by Ildelfonso Falcones. The story takes place in the 14th century Barcelona at the height of the Inquisition, with the construction of Santa Maria del Mar serving as background to the story.

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El Mercat del Born (Barcelona, Catalonia) by marcgc

It might seem odd to find archaeological ruins like these inside a beautiful modernist building, but everything in Barcelona has a history and a reason.

The building is the old “Mercat del Born,” a public market and one of the most important buildings in the city. Constructed mostly of iron, and located in the lower eastern side of the la Ribera neighborhood, it is the largest covered square in all the Europe and marked the start of the Modernism in Catalan architecture. Designed by Josep Fontserè i Mestre in 1873, it was completed and opened to the public in 1878. After serving as a wholesale market for years, it closed in 1971 because of the opening of Mercabarna in another part of the city.

In 2002, the local city council decided to put the old building to use and made plans for a new library. However, they change their minds after the discovery of the extensive medieval ruins under the building. The ruins were part of the Ribera district, an area that was demolished in the early eighteenth century after the defeat of Catalonia in the War of Succession in 1714. The goal was to make space for the construction of the Ciutadella military structure, as ordered by the new Spanish King, Philip V.

The official inauguration of the restored market was September 11, 2013, the 299th anniversary of the fall of Barcelona following its siege, which marked the end of an independent Catalonia state and the start of nearly three centuries of suppression of Catalan autonomy by the Spanish Kingdom.

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El Arbol de la Vida – Sagrada Familia – BARCELONA by FranciscoRodriguezPueyo

Nos encontramos de nuevo con la Basilica de la Sagrada Familia de Barcelona, en este caso con el Arbol de la Vida.
La escenografia que el Templo nos ofrece, es inmensamente rica; es el caso que nos ocupa en la foto de hoy, podemos apreciar, uno de los motivos mas representativos que Antoni Gaudí en la fachada del Nacimiento, donde él trabajo, y que no pudo ver terminada la totalidad entera de su fachada, por un accidente que le costo la vida.
El portico de la Caridad, donde esta representada el Nacimiento de Jesus, veremos la Extraordinaria escenografia en piedra, representando desde la Anunciacion de la Virgen Maria, a San Jose, y el Nacimiento, pasando por todos los elementos, hasta alcanzar el Cipres rodeado de palomas como significado de la Vida Eterna, donde culmina con una Cruz griega con una paloma que representa al Espiritu Santo.
Amigas y Amigos mios, lo que Antoni Gaudi nos quiere transmitir con esto, es que Todos tenemos nuestro Arbol de la Vida y nuestra vida cronologica se ve reflejada en el arbol, en acto de la Vida Eterna.
Tener un muy buen dia Todos Amigas y Amigos mios, un abrazo muy fuerte.

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