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Jane’s Winter Carousel by Marcel_Zizkat

Please look at a back blackground (press h) at maximised size (press m).
Thank you very much.

This is a repostprocessed image of my favorit New York shot I made this Winter.
Sharpend for a1920pixel Monitor.

About the Picture:
New York knocked me down… got kind of a vey short abdominal influenza… was staying in the hotel for 1 day and sleeping, sleeping, sleeping…. it helped. 🙂

After the snow today and some very nice snowscenes near the Times Square I decided to go to Brooklyn Bridge Park and around in order to catch a kind of special sunset in the snow…
Was not exactly what I expected.

This time i took my 17-70mm lens…
Had lots of problems by getting the right hyperfocal distance… dont know why. Actually I think something is not working right. Have to find out exactly what.
Dont have that problem with my lovely 10-20mm lens. 🙂
So trying and trying. 🙂

Feel free to comment.
thx for watching. Hope you enjoy at least some of my pictures.

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Fog in Manhattan by Jn316109

I’ve been waiting some time to capture this great point of view of the Brooklyn Bridge and thank the good Lord I was able to in this foggy day. Shot taken from Manhattan Bridge. Very shaky structure due to constant moving vehicles and trains. I recommend a heavy tripod, it’s worth the exercise. Great experience overall. I met couple of guys on the bridge which one stood out with his Egyptian outfit. I might upload it if I get some request. Thanks for visiting.

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Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel by PatKofahl

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The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, often called the Carrousel du Louvre, is a triumphal arch that stands between the Louvre museum and the Tuileries gardens, and commemorates Napoleon’s military victories. It is aligned with the Champs-Élysées, and the Allée Central of the Tuileries gardens. In the center of the image it is possible to make out the Egyptian obelisk that stands at the center of the Place de La Concorde.

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