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Vancouver in a blaze of glory by aagazzi

Vancouver seen from Stanley Park. After a week on the Olympic Peninsula without seeing a single cloud my trip was in danger to become a rather boring one. Even in the Hoh Rain Forest I had clear skys rather than some rain or drizzle. I decided to move on to Vancouver to take some cityscapes. On the day before flying back home I had finally the luck and the sky began to change. The picture above was taken during the blue hour, what a glory end of my stay. If you like this one, you might like also this one here: http://ift.tt/1WpFZ23

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“The enchanted village”(Civita di Bagnoregio/Italy by anthos53

It seems like the place of the witches. For further informations follow this link:
It is a marvelous place and enchanted, like the title says.
This photo has been taken no more that one week ago during an event which has been taken place there

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