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Eiffel Tower Trocadero Side by m4photo

Any visit to Paris is not complete without a trip to the Eiffel Tower and although we did not get up onto the tower on this occasion, I was pleased to grab a few images of this iconic structure during this flying visit. This is the first of six images that I will be publishing from this visit and the only one in landscape from a distance.

This view is from the far end of the fountains on the Trocadero metro station side of the river just underneath the Palais de Challiot . I am not sure what the steel structures are in the foreground but getting in front of them was impossible without getting very wet and risking the wrath of the gendarmerie that were bountiful around the area.

Whilst taking this image, a number of other photographers have set up behind and to the side of me and it was interesting to see them grab this spot as I left. I guess that it was either a good spot or a popular one. Either way, this is another image from my first visit to Paris and which is fast becoming one of my favorites.

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Washington from Lincoln by josephheh

The Washington Monument and United States Capitol building as viewed from one side of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

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The city of lights by AaronChoiPhoto

The city that is brighter at night.
Seoul, South Korea. Taken from the atop the ansan park during a rain storm.

– Seoul, South Korea –
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