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Vortex (Redux) by Turnipfarmer

City Hall, London, England – http://bit.ly/1FZgNen

All this talk about Open House London has made my have a fresh look at some of my older photos that I have taken during Open House. As promised this is a continuation of my Open House series so it can help you decide on certain venues.

I have always liked this photo when I took it however looking at my editing style from 4 years ago I was not as keen on it as I once was. I thought this would be a perfect candidate to get editing on and this was the result.

When I first started out in photography my editing style did include HDR quite a bit but now I hardly do HDR at all, I am just not keen on its look and I go for my natural editing styles and editing styles which I feel compliment the overall image.

How have you found your editing styles have changed over the years? Do you prefer yours now or how it was back then?

via http://bit.ly/1SZAWC0

Go Ape! by Turnipfarmer

Citypoint, Ropemaker Street, London, England – http://ift.tt/V5qrF7

This is one of my favourite interiors of a building in London just because its so wild and geometric, I think its awesome. Its a building I do plan to visit again next time I am in London, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. This place reminds me of a climbing frame when you were a kid however this one looks like it was built for giants!

I can’t wait to visit London next, I feel I have a fresh perspective of the city since moving away from its proximity last year. I have several new places to visit on my list and also a few old haunts I want to revisit and hopefully get some new photos. Also got my tour of a Underground ‘Ghost’ station next month too, a lot to photograph.

Anyone else get any tickets from the London Transport Museum for the Ghost station tours?

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