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Aya Elena by oerdogmus66

Sille which has a special meaning for Anatolia civilization and was a place where different cultures were living in peace and a significant centre for early Christiyanity period. After Christ in 327, Byzantium Emperor Constantine’s mather Helena whilst she was going to Quds for pilgrimage stoped off in Konya had saw the significant carved temples from the early Christianity period, she then had decided to have a temple constructed. Aya Elena church reached the present time through many constructions have been applied for centuries. There is an inscription written in Greek alphabet in Turkish about the history of the church where is located over the internal gate. Another three lined inscription indicates that the church was restored at the time of Sultan Mejit. The church was constructed by smooth hewn stone. Rooms that were carved in its courtyard are available. Narthex is approached through the north gate of the church. Bidirectional stone stairs which lead to the women mahfil are located here. The church’s main dome is situated on four elephant feet, it has three nefl. Within the church, the wooden preaching seat (throne-like) which its top was decorated with gypsum and a wooden gypsumed latticework which devides the main hall are an art masterpiece. There are pictures of Christ, holy Mary and apostles on the passing places of the domes and on the columns.

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İstanbul Galata Bridge by BatuhanCakirr

The first recorded bridge over the Golden Horn in Istanbul was built during the reign of Justinian the Great in the 6th century, close to the area near the Theodosian Land Walls at the western end of the city.

In 1453, during the Fall of Constantinople, the Turks assembled a mobile bridge by placing their ships side by side across the water, so that their troops could move from one side of the Golden Horn to the other.

Golden Horn Bridge designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1502.
In the years 1502–1503, there were plans to construct the first bridge at the current location. Sultan Bayezid II solicited a design and Leonardo da Vinci, utilizing three well-known geometrical principles, the pressed-bow, parabolic curve and keystone arch, created an unprecedented single span 240 m long and 24 m wide bridge for the Golden Horn, which would have become the longest bridge in the world of that time, had it been constructed. However, the ambitious design was not approved by the Sultan.

A smaller-scale version of Leonardo da Vinci’s Golden Horn Bridge was brought to life in 2001 near Oslo, Norway by the contemporary artist Vebjørn Sand, the first civil engineering project based on a Leonardo da Vinci sketch to be constructed. The Leonardo Bridge Project hopes to build the design as a practical footbridge around the world, including the Golden Horn in Istanbul, using local materials and collaborating with local artisans as a global public art project. The Wall Street Journal referred to the Project as a “…logo for the nations.”[1]

Another Italian artist, Michelangelo, was also invited to design a bridge for Istanbul. Michelangelo rejected the proposal, and the idea of building a bridge across the Golden Horn was shelved until the 19th century.

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The Haloid by joe_plasmatico

Servus, Grüzi und Hallo. (black in black please)

I have been to Fulda ( an hour away from Frankfurt) several times for a teach in into my new job.

Unfortunately, (or should I say fortunately?^^) the train drivers strike left me waiting in Frankfurt for a couple of hours until I could catch the next train back home.

Well, the weather was great, early evening sun shining bright and I had no tripod with me, so I had to perform it the old fashioned (handhold) way.

Next time I will have my entire equip with me and more time to spend. You can shoot yourself to death with so many spots all over the city.

This is the western facade of the Westendtower, 208 meters tall, a architectural gem.

May the light be with you.

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