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Calm Amsterdam by MartijnKort

The Melkmeisjes bridge in Amsterdam, near the Central Station. Made with a very long exposure. The calculated exposure time was doubble the time I had for this photo, but unfortunately my exposure was interrupted by my incomming messages. And this was the last shot with the availale light from this position. I still like the outcome of the photo. Giving a calm atmosphere of the Amsterdam Canal houses.

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Amsterdam. by remoscarfo

Oudezijds Voorburgwal

Oudezijds Voorburgwal AmsterdamThis oldest canal of Amsterdam, was dug between 1342 and 1380. The part left of the Damstraat used to be called Fluwelen Burgwal (Velvet Rampart), referring to the wealthy families that lived here, usually dressed in velvet. Almost all the houses have been restored to their original state.

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Blue Hour at Haarlem by dickvanduijn

Blue hour at the canal Spaarne, Haarlem (The Netherlands). After sunset the wind was gone and the water was tight, so the reflections of the canal houses were clearly visible.


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