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Metropolis by JohannesOehl

The buildings in San Francisco makes me sometimes thinking about a very famous silent movie by Fritz Lang. It is called “Metropolis” and is on of the first science fiction motion pictures. At it’s time in 1927 it was by far the most expensive movie because of it’s very impressive special effects and buildings. This building here could be one of the movie-buildings. By the way: The bird is not a “photoshop-bird”. It was flying there in reality.

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Magnificent Bridge… by lunick

“Magnificent” is the only appropriate word to describe the wonderful architecture and engineering of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge… Tourists come from all over the world to drive across it.

This image was taken from Ft. Baker below the bridge on the Marin County side… (The flock of geese flying across my frame were an unexpected bonus…)


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