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Nordnes by runehansen2

Nordnes is a peninsula and neighbourhood in the city centre of Bergen in Hordaland county, Norway. The Vågen, Byfjorden, and Puddefjorden surround the peninsula. The Bergen Aquarium is located at the tip of the peninsula. The Norwegian Institute of Marine Research and Fredriksberg Fortress are also located on Nordnes. The Nykirken is the church located in this neighborhood.
The neighbourhood Nordnes includes approximately 50% of the peninsula. The neighbourhoods Strandsiden and Verftet, as well as parts of Nøstet, are also located on Nordnes.

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Trondheim Norway by Aziz_Nasuti

Trondheim was named Kaupangen (English: market place or trading place) by Viking King Olav Tryggvason in 997. Shortly thereafter it came to be called Nidaros. In the beginning it was frequently used as a military retainer (Old Norse: “hird”-man) of King Olav. It was frequently used as the seat of the king, and was the capital of Norway until 1217.

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