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Bokeh of Paris by mathieu_rivrin

Paris – Aerial view

Quelques mois après une première version de ces “bokeh” de Paris, j’ai développé celle-ci issue de la même sortie mais avec des flous différents.
À la base, venu pour une toute autre chose que la pluie en haut de la tour, je me suis rattrapé sur cette possibilité.
La vue est vraiment hors du commun avec tous les monuments parisiens et la défense en arrière plan.

Bonne soirée à toutes et à tous – Mathieu Rivrin

Inspiration : Romain Mattei (http://ift.tt/1Ljw8s6)
Précurseur : Alain Artwork (http://ift.tt/1dPQYPD)

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The Eye of Bangkok, Thailand by wayfarerlife

A cityscape view of Bangkok skyscraper. Ferris wheel is at the center of the photo surrounding by high rise buildings. The foreground is blurred with bokeh effect giving a different perspective to the phtoto.

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My Beloved London by soniaadammurrayartwork

*Working Towards a Better World

This is a work dedicated to my city, London, England. It is a diptych with a self portrait and a painting of Compayne Gardens in London, where my Mother used to live. As you can tell the diptych has been abstracted to give London more of a colourful look.

I have lived outside London for over half my life now and yet I never lose my love for my city. Knowing how the world is changing, I found this New York Times article:
“Lovely, Lamentable London” an interesting read:

I was born in the war with bombs coming down on us constantly. I have early memories of a city destroyed by war, rationing and hard times. Then a vibrant diverse city again, filled with interest. An abundance of arts and museums and so many different and interesting cultures.

Also remembering the many protected and beautiful parks, moving traffic out of the center of London to prevent traffic jams, always encouraging walking and bicycling.

As with most of Europe London consists of small narrow streets, everything is on the small scale in comparison to the USA, Canada or Brazil. Yet there is a quaintness and unique character to the city I love!

I am saddened to read constantly of some of the changes for the worse to this beautiful and historic city.

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