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国家大剧院 by JulienFolcher

After a visit to the forbidden city I decided to go to the national theater to take photos at the end of the blue hour. This has been pretty much a game of hide and seek with the security guards. There is a fence all around the reflection pool edge, making it impossible to get close to get the maximum reflection possible.

There was 2 security guards, one shouting 请出去! (= get out), the other one being more relaxed, even indicating the exact point of the central axis for perfectly symmetrical photos. I basically walked around quickly placing my tripod on the edge and triggering a long exposure while the guards was covering the other side, trying to always stay on his opposite side 😉

The architect is one of my countrymen, Paul Andreu.

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Beijing | 北京 by tchebotarev

Beijing has a very interesting history, but also massively different future. It’s the city that will one day drop it’s need for hundreds of factories and will become a world super-city. For now, it’s growing and fuming day in and day out, forming pollution layer equal to smoking 40 cigarettes a day. I was lucky to visit Beijing during national holiday, and breathed fresh air and saw blue sky above my head.

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CapSov by mihailefter

Panorama with The National Performing Arts Center in Beijing (formerly known as the Beijing National Grand Theater) and the soviet Great Hall of the People, China.

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