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Goodnight Giant by AaronMPhoto

I’ve always loved this location under the Bay Bridge the way that it captures the San Francisco skyline is hard to beat. The Embarcadero Center lights … the Beacon atop the Transamerica Building … Cost Tower … the bridge lights all make a pretty surreal scene.

Just to the left of this frame lies AT&T park where on this particular night the San Francisco Giants (baseball team) hunted for a World Series Game 4 victory. The entire city skyline turned itself orange for them, from the lights on top of buildings, to an orange Beacon and orange glow of Coit Tower. The Giants responded with an 11-4 victory! Even the moon made an appearance, as it set right behind the Transamerica Building.

It was super fun to meet Matt Walker for the first time, after so many conversations on Flickr, Facebook and text. Also great to shoot with Rebecca and Wilson Ng, then meet up with Jeff and Tung who were above us (and the Bay Bridge).

Nikon D800 w/Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8
42mm, f/18, 30 sec, ISO 400


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Beacon of Ulla by IwanGroot

The 15th of May I went out to Haramsøya and Flemsøya to Take a boatload of photos and camp, though there was very little of the later, it was a great occasion to practice focus-stacking and in this Panorama I tried to different ways of blending exposures to make HDRs for the panorama. the versions where I only used 2 exposures I preferred a lot more as the contrast was preserved and the colors more true.
I had been here before and taken photos of the lighthouse of Ulla before but did not find them atheistically pleasing. So This trip I also wanted to give this location a bit more justice. Though not the most beautiful of the area still shines bright and provides security to the ships out at sea. The beauty of this lighthouse is the simplicity and therefore when in close view the simplicity of it is hidden. So I explored the rock of which it stands on and found the angle and view I felt gave it the most justice.
Though not the most spectacular Lighthouse, for those on the archipelago of Haram Kommune and possibly the people of Finnøya Kommune this lighthouse brings memories, nostalgia, feeling of home, and pride.
Hope you like this one, I used a darker and moody editing style a bit different for me, but helped the colors and simple things stand out a bit more and not get lost in all the small textures.

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San Christmascisco by AaronMPhoto

I love Christmas time in San Francisco because the city outlines itself with beautiful holidays lights. The Transamerica Beacon lights its beacon, a star at the top of its pointy roof. I¬タルve photographed the city from under the Bay Bridge but I¬タルve always also wanted to photograph it from above the bridge. The last few years the Beacon turned on well after Blue Hour; thankfully this year the Beacon had been turning on at 5pm, right in the middle of our favorite time of the night!

Willie, Alan, and I met on Treasure Island and were the first to arrive at this spot above the bridge. Several other photographers joined us. I staked out a spot that looked straight onto the bridge and waited. After taking a few photos with the traditional bridge line-up, I raced to where Willie and Alan were standing, slightly off center, to get a slightly less traditional view of the city and its Bay Bridge.

Nikon D800 w/Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8:
60mm, f/22, 15 sec, ISO 200

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