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Sun Francisco- California st. Sunrise Alignment by NicholasSteinberg

Ever since going to San Francisco I would say my favorite street has to be California street. It’s like a roller coaster with cable cars going up and down crossing many interesting landmarks with amazing vantage points of the city that will leave you breathless!

I had to stand in the middle of the street, as usual, to get the best angle. My goal was to get the sun rising over the Bay Bridge with an emerging cable car just in place- all while displaying the depth of California Street.

Boy was this hard, but with a little bit of persistence and good luck, I got the shot I dreamed of.

This is a SINGLE shot. NO photoshop blending or trickery. NO compositing.

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…When light, fog and wind meet…. by jvphoto


My dear friends, How are you doing? It is another composition with different setting, pulled from old directories as i don’t have much time to touch any of my new captures 🙂 (Yes, i wish i could have 72 hours in a day, in which 71 hrs 59 min full time job as photographer, its crazy but that’s what i wish. Unfortunately my profession is different)…

Happy Clicking and get ready for the Summer.

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Have a wonderful weekend dear Friends!

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