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Windows by ieyee

Former barracks buildings on the island Christiansø.
Christiansø and Frederiksø islands form a complete community with around 100 inhabitants, living on either side of the natural harbour formed between Christiansø and Frederiksø: there is an inn, a church, police station, grocery shop with a bakery, post office, museum, galleries, a community centre and a shop where the renowned Christiansø marinated herring are produced and sold.
The island is self-sufficient in electricity and has its own water supply which for centuries has come from rainwater collected in open wells. In recent years, however, the supply has been supplemented with drilled wells and water conveyed to the island from Bornholm.
Everything on both islands is housed in buildings listed on the historic register, as the islands previously formed a large fortification.

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Ballajá Barracks by The-Spirit-Within

Ballajá Barracks (or Cuartel de Ballajá in Spanish) is a military barracks located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was built from 1854 to 1864 for the Spanish troops established on the island and their families.

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