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Castle or Stage? by marekboguszak

The frontage of the castle Stirin in the dawn. The castle is about 20 km south from Prague and serves as a hotel and there is also a golf course.
At the beginning of the 15th century a fort was built at the site of today chateau. Here, King Maxmilian stayed overnight on his first journey to Prague as the sovereign in 1562. After the Thirty Years War the fort was rebuilt as a baroque chateau with a park.

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Ceiling of the Karlskirche by lbellamy

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times — always look up at the ceiling in Europe! 🙂 So often, the most incredible aspects of a church is the ceiling. Beautiful frescoes depicting ancient stories. Vienna’s Karlskirche is glorious from top to bottom, but the ceiling is definitely not to be missed.

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Sacristía Mayor – Catedral de Santa María de Burgos by neobit

Ocupan el espacio de una de las capillas de la girola; fue construida en 1765 con los proyectos de Fray José de San Juan de la Cruz, en estilo barroco del período rococó. Llama la atención su cúpula y cascarones con yeserías pintadas y, sobre todo, la gran cajonería y retablos en los que trabajaron José Cortés, Manuel Romero y en las pinturas de los frontales, sobre temas de la Virgen, Lucas Jordán y artistas de su taller.
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This was built on the site of one of the chapels of the ambulatory; it was built in 1765 using projects drawn up by Fray José de San Juan de la Cruz, in the baroque style of the rococo period. Particularly noteworthy are the dome and the cascarones (vaults in quarter spheres) with painted plasterwork and above all the grand chest of drawers and altarpieces which were the work of José Cortés and Manuel Romero. The paintings on the front relate to the Virgin Mary and were painted by Lucas Jordán and artists from his workshop.

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