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The Beast by GRoyer

This is the sculpture in Birrarung Marr Park, next to the Yarra river, with beautiful views of Melbourne city at night. took this one just after the shot for the One Minute On Earth (OMOE) 2015 – check this awesome website and initiative: OMOE 2015

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Young Drunk by TrentBlomfield

Melbourne, Australia.

I recently had a brief week down in Victoria. It reminded me about why I love this part of Australia. It’s got it all within a few hours – Great Ocean Road or Phillip Island theres something about. Not to mention the coffee is tops and drinking pints is always fun (and finding secret bars is pretty entertaining).

This was a sunset shoot on the Yarra and looking at the clouds it was shaping to be a good one. Sadly, it didn’t eventuate. So it was time to do a bit of cityscaping around Blue Hour.

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Bridging The Gap by 1davidmcmahon

The elliptical arches of the Seafarers Bridge in Melbourne slot neatly between the silhouettes of buildings more than a kilometre away. The bridge, opened in 2009, spans the Yarra River between Docklands and South Wharf.


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