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Atlanta “The Advancement of Learning” IR by mixbsd

The plaque behind the pavilion reads:
“Carnegie Education Pavilion.

This artwork commemorates the cultural legacy of the 1996 Olympic Games and was created by utilizing original architectural components from the facade of the downtown Carnegie Central Library that was built in 1901.”

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Wild Atlanta by ProfessorHines

It’s been 6 years since I’ve been to this location and taken a photo of the Atlanta skyline from the Jackson St. Bridge and I’ve certainly seen how much I’ve grown as a photographer since that time. Back then, my first photo was totally different from what this is.
I most especially love that this time I had an ultra wide angle lens, like the Sony 10-18mm to use. Absolutely my favorite lens in my bag currently!


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Downtown Atlanta Long Exposure by JaniceMarieMcgregor

One evening my Boyfriend (Liam) and I were doing or teaching me some long exposure shots . We drove to Atlanta which was about an hour or so from where we live and started taking images of The sunsetting and Some long exposures. My first time. I hope you like this even tho I know it will get better over time. ((-:

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I know I have had some family matters here lately and they should be getting better in the next week or so. So please don’t give up on me and I will get caught up soon.. I promise!

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Weekend!! Sending Big Hugs to you all!

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King & Queen by clicksbyrohitkamboj

Captured this aerial view of Dunwoody, Georgia skyline featuring the King and Queen building.
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