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An Emperor’s view by JulienFolcher

Went back to Jingshan park yesterday, it offers the best view you can get on the Forbidden City. The sky didn’t have any clouds so I waited after the sunset to be able to get a star trail shot above the palace. There’s not a lot of stars due to light pollution from the city, but it’s still enough to get an interesting sky.
This is a composite of one sunset image, one blue hour image and 130 night pictures for the stars, all blended in photoshop. Hope you like it!

Please view on black background (H)

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Norah Aurora by jakubsisak

Last night’s aurora borealis as seen from my front yard on Norah St. in Thunder Bay. There are a few things that need to be mentioned here; nearly full moon was up in the sky, this is taken under fairly bright LED street lamps and the KP was hovering around 4.5 – 5 which is only moderate in my books. This was happening around 11-11:30 PM just as I was heading out to the Cascades for a night shoot. Never seen aurora like this in the city under a full moon. By the time I was on location the show was just about over and I only got a green glow in the rest of my shots that night. (My wife is a little alarmed that the house looks like it needs a paint job but it’s actually shadows from the tree illuminated by the street lamp behind it.) By http://www.jakubsisak.ca ‪#‎auroraborealis‬ ‪#‎northernlights‬

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